I have always been intrigued by the duality of speed and form – from riding my Schwinn Sting Ray bike when I was a kid to driving my first Corvette that I bought when I was 28.
       My passion for cars is captured by another passion of mine: photography.  Similarly, I have been interested in photography since I was a kid.
       You will notice that most of my photographs do not show an entire automobile but rather a small section of it.  I feel this better portrays the essence of that automobile or motorcycle.  I try to highlight the key attribute, whether a rolling classic or a common car with unique flowing features – turning the mundane into magnificent.  
       These photographs were made using a process as old as the automobile – with black and white film and a traditional darkroom.  The silver prints are made like the chrome on the cars – with real metal (not plastic chrome or a bunch of pixels).

       There is something enjoyable and special about using film.  The photographs become more “art” with each manual process.  Using film might be somewhat limiting, but it is more deliberate and tactile.
       Digital photography, on the other hand, has become too common (eg via iphone), too temporary, and too unrestrained.  Technology is constantly changing, and thus it quickly becomes obsolete.  I prefer not chasing after the most recent digital camera or software, and ultimately computer.
       Though I enjoy photographing a variety of subjects, I often “see” them in a similar way.  An automobile’s fender curves much like that of a woman’s body, a waterfall has the same sparkle of a car’s chrome.  Or, a tombstone could be either like a boxy car hood or ornate like a hood ornament.
       Most Wheel Art images were taken with a Nikon F2 film camera and archivally processed.

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       These are a small sample of my "Wheel Art" photographs.  Feel free to email me to inquire about other images that I have of Ferrari, Porsche, Jaguar, Triumph, Rolls Royce, Auburn, Pierce Arrow, Duesenberg, Studebaker, Cadillac, Oldsmobile, Dodge, Ford, Harley Davidson, and many other manufacturers.


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