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Elements of Nature

​I find peace hiking through the woods, admiring what God has created around me – whether a tranquil tree or roaring rapids.  When I go out into the woods with my camera I try to isolate that element which moves me.  Because nature is constantly changing, I know I must take the photograph then because in a month, even if it is a boulder, the scene will be different.  The lighting will be different, the leaves and debris will be different, and even my feelings will be different.  The earth is changing, slowly, ever so slowly, but it is changing.  That is why I must take its photograph at that moment.

 I have gone back to the “Birch Tree” a year later – out of curiosity.  It was overgrown with Buckthorn, hiding its embracing form, lacking its glowing whiteness.  And the water in the pond is nearly gone.  I also went back again this fall.   The Park Service cleared out the brush, luckily saving this tree.  But they filled in the pond and rerouted the water.  I have also gone back to the “Fallen Tree” several months later.  At that time it was beginning to show signs of decay, it was nearly collapsed; it lacks its seemingly living, grabbing feeling.  Again, going back this fall, I had a hard time finding it as it was overgrown by tall prairie grass.  Nature does not stop.  Life does not stop.​

​All these images were taken with a 4x5 film camera and process in a traditional darkroom.  Most are 8x10 inch fine art silver prints, though some are printed at 20x24.