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​A sunset, a mountain vista, a quiet lake, a field of flowers, and many other things are pleasant to look at and admire.  They might even be considered beautiful.  But I believe the most beautiful thing to look at is a woman.  Besides, one can not easily touch a sunset.  Therefore, in this exhibit I hope to show some of the beautiful and graceful Curves of a Woman.

I believe that in order to reveal a subject with feeling or passion, whether in photography or in any art medium, one needs to love that subject.   I not only love the subject but I also love my model – my wife.  I believe this intimacy leads to an affectionate interpretation of the female body.  In other words, though these images were viewed through a camera, they were seen through the heart.

 I wanted to create somewhat abstract photographs that evoke an eloquent feeling.  Thus these photographs are minimalist in nature by utilizing a low-key style that is punctuated with highlights that (hopefully) show off the curves of the female body.​   

All these images were taken with a 4x5 camera in order to capture every pore and blemish.  These fine art photographs are 20x24 inch traditional silver prints and have been displayed in numerous exhibitions.

Curves of a Woman